A List of Easy Argumentative Essay Topics

Writing argumentative papers can be a completely stress-free academic task if you find a topic that you will enjoy researching and discussing. Look for easy argumentative essay topics that can hold your interest. When completing this task, some students are confused about a true meaning. Basically, writing argumentative essays doesn’t mean that you need to fight with opponents and force them to believe your point of view. This assignment gives you a great chance to express different facts and interesting opinions about a specific subject. Your readers should be given the power to make a final decision on it. So, when looking for fresh topics, choose the subjects that you’re passionate about or want to write about. This simple tip will help you make a strong point without any hassle.

The Importance of Choosing Debatable Topics

When picking a good topic for your argumentative paper, make the right choice. Some students think that there are many excellent ideas to choose from, while others understand that most of these topics are overdone, too cliché, etc. All you need to do is relaxing and finding something you are passionate about, but ensure that the chosen topic is debatable because it’s important.

Why choose debatable topics for this assignment? Your essay is argumentative and it requires opposing points that can be countered with your personal points. Take into consideration the following easy argumentative essay topics because they are fresh and debatable. They all are divided into separate categories to help you sort out easily. You can use these helpful ideas or they can serve as your inspiration for your own original topics.

Top Legal Argumentative Paper Topics

Argumentative paper ideas about different legal matters are popular nowadays. Some of them discuss specific benefits and negative aspects of current laws, while others include the laws that should be changed, created, or abolished. You don’t need to be extra technical with this subject, but do your deep research on everything that relevant laws actually say. Your essay will fail it suggest changing the law that has already been changed. Consider the following ideas when writing your argumentative essay:

  • Do you agree that cigarettes and other tobacco items should be outlawed?
  • Do you think that the drinking age is appropriate? Should it be higher or lower?
  • Should the US put more restrictions in terms of gun use and ownership?
  • Can the pros offered by medical marijuana justify its legality?
  • Is it necessary to grant corporations with the personhood?
  • Should nuclear weapons be outlawed in the world?
  • Does the process of outlawing controlled substances create a bigger black market?
  • Do all women have their right to abortions? In what situations?
  • Should all girls have their access to birth control without their parents’ consent?

Interesting Moral Argumentative Paper Topics

Many students agree that they are some of the easiest topics to write about. They cover a range of existing moral dilemmas, from the death penalty to animal testing. Most of them are quite debatable because all people have different opinions and their justifications on what they think wrong and right. For example, when writing an argumentative essay about animal and human rights, and if you feel very passionate about this subject, it’s hard not to let personal emotions take over. It’s good for students to be passionate, but they need to keep all of their ideas organized and focused. Besides, it’s really worth your time to create a detailed and effective outline to avoid straying off the chosen topic. These examples can be quite helpful when looking for a fresh idea:

  • Do you agree that animal testing is necessary?
  • Should all patients have their right to die through a physical-assisted suicide?
  • Do you think that consumers should buy the goods produced in the countries that endorse child labor?
  • Is it necessary to ban children’s beauty pageants?
  • Are theists more moral than atheists?
  • Are nude pictures appropriate in the museums open to the public?
  • Does freedom of speech provides people with the right to use their hate speeches?
  • Does pre-employment drug testing restrict personal privacy rights?
  • Should businesses and schools give more incentives to do volunteer work?
  • Do people who commit all kinds of heinous crimes deserve their death penalty?

Fresh Social Argumentative Paper Topics

Easy argumentative essay topics in this area tend to overlap both moral and legal subjects, but they concern more about how people act within the society and the pressure that it puts on them. This category of essay topics is quite broad, so there are many ideas to choose from. However, if you get stuck, think about something that personally impacts you and your dear ones. This choice will make your academic writing come more naturally. Be sure to rely on strong facts instead of personal anecdotes because they latter ones are more appropriate to narrative essays.

  • At what age should people be allowed to vote?
  • Do you agree that there is too much pressure on teens to enter colleges?
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  • Is it necessary to provide immigrants with more rights?
  • Should the US make English the official national language? Why?
  • Can men and women be true friends without any expectations and hopes of anything more?
  • Do you think that women need to wear less revealing clothes to curb the catcalling or men around them?
  • When is it fair for companies not to hire candidates who smoke?
  • Do prisoners deserve their right to vote?
  • Is it possible for online dating to replace meeting people in real life?
  • Should there be any legal curfew for all minors?

Media and Advertising Argumentative Paper Topics

This field is hard to separate from the society as a whole, and academic papers written on relevant topics can include many ideas. For example, they may range from how the modern media, including movies, TV, social media, and news, affect people to what should be allowed to heart and seen through ads. It’s not difficult to find your own inspiration to create interesting topics. All you need to do is turn on a TV without changing channels when commercials come on. Focus on everything electronic to find a perfect debatable topic for your next argumentative paper, or consider the following helpful suggestions:

  • Should TV shows talk about celebrities?
  • Where do networks need to draw their line for violence on TV?
  • Should companies have their right to advertise in schools?
  • Do all journalist need to eliminate their bias as much as they can?
  • Do you agree that print ads are obsolete?
  • Should side effects and warnings be made clearer in ads?
  • When should ads for tobacco and alcohol products be allowed?
  • Do movies and TV shows have their responsibility of being more diverse?
  • Do you think that public service announcements effective?

Family Argumentative Paper Topics

Easy argumentative essay topics that cover family values and life are abundant because each family is different. It means that rules in different families vary, unlike the laws that govern nations and states. That’s why it can be difficult to generalize in this assignment, but you can gather enough information to make a strong argument for any of these suggested topic ideas. You only need to look into research and materials about marital and child psychology, etc.

  • Do all children need or deserve their allowance?
  • Do you agree that women have their right to breastfeed in public?
  • Do parenting classes have to be compulsory?
  • Is it necessary for parents to monitor the online activity of their kids?
  • Should they push children into such extracurricular activities as sports and music?
  • Do parents have their right to spank children?
  • Should they pay kids for their good grades?
  • Should single people be allowed to adopt kids as simply as couples?
  • Is a children’s room really theirs or it belongs to their parents?

Final Thoughts on Making a Good Choice

As you can see, there are many debatable and interesting topics for your argumentative papers. Use them to come up with a strong thesis and impress the targeted audience. When making this important choice, remember that it’s easier to write an essay about something that you have your interest in, even if you’re not familiar with this subject. Research the chosen topic to learn more about something that can fascinate you. Writing the best argumentative paper becomes more enjoyable if you select the subject that you really like. Be sure to get a winning edge in anything that you’re debating.